Treasures of Colombia: Marzoca a la Parrilla – Grilled Corn (Colombian Street Food)

Thinking about doing a summer BBQ? Well, don’t forget to add some corn to the grill.

I have been to a few BBQ here in Villavicencio and I can truly say that these people know how to host a good BBQ with all the right ingredients.

treasures of colombia with stacey ann smith

Treasures of Colombia: Marzoca a la Parrilla – Grilled Corn (Colombian Street Food)

BY: Stacey-Ann Smith

It’s such a beautiful sight to see bright yellow corn on the grill roasting away beside the brightly colored sweet bell peppers and the succulent array of pork, chorizo, blood sausages, and beef.

The smell of grilled corn in the air does wonders to my nostrils especially when the garlic butter is added.

Grilled Corn – Marzoca a la Parrilla.

Grilled corn can also be done without having a bbq, it can be grilled in your kitchen on your stove alongside the roast breadfruit or pot of soup on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Well here in Villavicencio, as well as in Jamaica grilled/roast corn is a way to make a living for many people.

Nearby the bus stop there is a stall where corn is grilled every evening and I must say that the aroma fills the air and troubles the stomach.

In Jamaica it’s no different; on some street corner corn can be seen on grills hoisted on coal stoves or a wood fire whether in the open air or under a makeshift shed and of course, the aroma awakes the sleeping worms in the stomach.

Corn (Maiz /Marzoca) is an important staple in the South and North American cuisine; Corn is also an important ingredient in traditional soups for both countries…Colombia and Jamaica.

The good ole chicken foot soup of Jamaica or Sancocho of Colombia wouldn´t be complete without big pieces of chopped corn. Can I tell you what my favorite part of eating corn cooked in a soup is?

“Sucking” on the cob and dipping it again and again in the soup, rehydrating it each time.

Corn is not only tasty but it is also very healthy. So, when next you go to the Coronation market or to Hi-Lo Supermarket in Kingston, remember to buy some corn.

Tell me what is your favorite way of eating corn on the cob.

Drop me a comment in the comment box below!


About the writer:

Stacey Ann Smith is from Kingston, Jamaica.  She is an alumna of Camperdown High School and she graduated from The Shortwood Teachers’ College having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages, Spanish and French. Presently, Stacey is an English teacher at a University in Colombia.  She describes herself as a vivacious and loving person who also has a passion for traveling, taking pictures, her son Nicholas and Ashley, her adorable feline.


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